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NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill cup (ESR class)

The 2015 FARA Race of Champions in Homestead Miami Speedway was another very successful race weekend for Gryphon Racing. NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill cup (ESR class) ended up in the hands of Gryphon Racing!


Thanks to a great performance of all four drivers and the whole team, Gryphon Racing finished 1st in the class and 5th overall. Danny van Dongen, Joseph Barone, Paul Blickman and Ari Straus – great job, guys!

We started the race from the place 8 and moved up in the first couple of laps to place 4. Danny opened the race and did immediately a double stint as was planned. As we expected, the rain came around midnight. The car was running great and we were driving around place 10 overall and 3rd in the class. With the heavy rain making the race conditions extremely demanding, the team was strongly relying on Dannys‘ driving skills. He did another double stint, spending more than 10 hours) behind the steering wheel overall. „I needed all my driving skills and experiences to keep the car on the track“, said Danny regarding the weather conditions after the race. Paul jumped in the car to finish the race. All the time Gryphon stayed out of trouble. With 3,5 hours on the clock the team manager Dusan Maly decided to change the strategy and put Danny in the car again to get the best possible overall result. That time we were running already first in our category. But there was possibility to get more in front in the total ranking. After 25 hours we finished with 0.6 sec behind the 4th overall and first in class.

With this great victory and winning the 24 hours of Zolder we proved again what the potential of the Gryphon Racing team and the car is.