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FARA Sunset 300 Spring Challenge Race, Miami Homestead. 6th – 7th of June, 2015


Weekend 6th – 7th of June with FARA Sunset 300 Spring Challenge Race in Miami Homestead brought victory for Gryphon Racing. We became first in the overall standings. What a ride guys!

Before the beginning of the race the team was debating whether to start the race on slick or rain tires due to the changing weather conditions. After deep analyzing of existing conditions and weather forecast before the start of the race, we decided to use rain tires. This was a decisive moment and proved to be critical since we were the only car that had rain tires fitted! We began the race in second place. As the rain increased, we were immediately able pull away into first place. In the third lap we already had a 42(!) second lead until the safely car had to be deployed because several drivers lost their cars due to the increased rain and running on slick tires. To make a race more interesting, we received a penalty for fixing a car lights during a red flag. Contrary to the rules in the EU, the USA regulations say you are not allowed to work on the car during a red flag period. Our car was put back one lap in the race. When we were finally allowed to join the field on the track, Danny simply picked up the fast pace Robert had shown before and set the fastest lap time. He managed to overtake the entire field in one and a half hour. After the splash and dash pitstop Danny had a clean drive to the victory. Despite the penalty, but thanks to the team work Danny and Robert were able to secure the win and make an important step for Gryphon Racing.

Combination of wise team strategy, great drivers and perfectly prepared car turned out to be unbeatable. We are pretty much looking forward to the next race!